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SAMIC Arms LLC is proud to introduce a unique approach to the “optics ready” firearm market and a new concept in sight innovation. We sought to bridge the gap between standard iron sights and the red dot sight market. The conception was to fill the role on firearms that come “optics ready” from the factory and be affordable and simple to use. This new product is the Short BUIS (patent pending) by SAMIC Arms LLC. The Short BUIS uses the mechanical features of iron sights in a compact singular aluminum housing and functions similar to a red dot sight without the electrical component or the reliance upon a power source. The sight utilizes a front sight post that is topped with a fiber optic “dot”. This dot is placed in the center of the rear aperture, creating the point of impact for your round. The sight picture is fast to acquire and works as well as any red dot configuration. Both the front and rear sights are fully adjustable and lock into place using set screws so after dialing your sight in, you can be sure that they will stay on target. The base is designed to mount to any standard picatinny rail system. The final product is a close-quarters sight that is quick to use, and it’s always ready to go at a price that is less than most red dot or iron sights.  The sights are completely assembled by hand, and all parts are manufactured in-house and come with a guarantee to be free from defect. We hope that you will consider the SAMIC Arms Short BUIS for your next intermediate sight. 

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In development, we received some questions about the function and use of the sight. We will try to answer some of the commonly asked questions in this short Q and A.

Q: What’s with the name?

A: It was a play on words. The sight is shaped similar to a bus. A friend and I were joking back and forth and came up with “Short BUIS” and decided it was memorable, so it stuck and here we are.

Q: What about sight radius?

A: The Short BUIS was designed to work and function much like a red dot sight. A red dot, which has no sight radius, still functions as intended. The same concept applies to the Short BUIS.

Q: How do you acquire the sight picture?

A: The front post has a fiber optic rod mounted on top. This fiber piece is then placed in the center of the rear aperture, achieving the point of impact.   

Q: What are the components made of?

A: Most of the components are Aluminum with two ABS plastic parts. All parts are guaranteed to be free from factory defect.

Q: To what distance can the sight be used?

A: The sight is intended to be an intermediate sight for people shooting Practical Pistol Carbines, CQB applications, etc. Any shot taken with a red dot sight can be performed with a Short BUIS.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: MSRP is $59.95. We offer dealer pricing to those that qualify
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