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Our Standard Build: SAMIC Arms starts at the heart of every rifle we build; the barrel and bolt. This is primarily where all accuracy is developed. Our barrel choice is a Triarc 5.56X45 FLUTED TRACK Barrel stretching 17.3 inches long and is machined from 4150V grade Milspec B-1159E Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium (CrMoV) w/ a BLACKNITRIDE finish. We purchase our bolts from the same company that provides our barrels. Triarc provide a case hardened bolt from 8620 steel and coated with a NP3 finish that is virtually impervious to corrosion. We want the bolt and barrel to mate up correctly every shot and we believe this bolt and barrel combination will provide the most consistent lockup and accuracy in our DMR rifle. 
For the receiver sets, we use a very high quality MATCHED upper and lower that are serialized together. All the lines and indentations line up flawlessly. Upper and lower fit is tight and snug. Anodizing matches perfectly between the upper and lower receivers as they are done properly and both are done at the same time. This is something that you don't see in other build sets. Just one thing we are doing to exceed the average build in our guns.
SAMIC installs a 3.5 lb CMC Trigger (we use both flat and curved) to provide the smoothest pull and consistant break. CMC is another Texas company and we are proud to use their products in our rifles.
At SAMIC Arms, we are always glad to provide the customer with a product they want. We will build a rifle to yourr specifications as we are always trying to improve our methods. Contact us today and let us build the rifle you have always invisioned.
SAMIC Arms will custom build any rifle configuration you request on the AR-15 platform. Caliber, Barrel Length, Handguard, Stock, Triggers can all be ordered and fit into the custom rifle package at your request. Our goal is to build a rifle that you want and that is affordable. Packages start around 1000.00 and our Standard Build at 1399.95 so contact us today and let us get started building your custom rifle.